Nail trends 2021

Everyone loves to get their nails done, right? Well here are some new and upcoming designs you can ask your nail tech for!

Asymmetrical Swirls!! Many nail artists, including ourselves, use waves, swirls and stripes to create looks like these. Variations of this nail art design has and will continue to be done all over the world during the summer periods. Pairing either pretty pastels or bold bright colours with a classy nude will bring your nails the next level!

As long as the sun rises, French tips will always be a trend, but did you ever think about jazzing up your French set? We have so many ideas on how to do this! Take your manicure to the next level with a set of coloured French tips! This could be a classic nude paid with a different colour tip on every nail! How cool is that! Not only does the colour brighten your hands but it will brighten your day!

Another cool way to bring out a French is to add a seal! This seal could be any colour. (Personally a black tip with a gold seal is my favourite!) This nail idea is both classy and different!

If you’re looking for a change but not looking for anything too drastic, another super unique way of having French nails is having then in a triangle shape as seen here. This lets you keep your classic colours but also drawing eyes straight to your hands!

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