At Barbara’s Beauty Room we take great pride in providing a fantastic pedicure. We offer several types of treatments from a simple express manicure for people who are on the go right up to a luxury manicure for anyone who wishes to sit back, relax and unwind.


We begin with a spritz of our revitalising foot spray to freshen and wake up your tired feet. Followed by cutting and filing the nails, cuticle tidy, buff of the nail plate and a polish.

30 mins


Firstly we place your feet in a bubbling foot bath to relax and calm your nerve endings. Then we use our own blend of exfoliator to stimulate and smooth your skin, followed by hard skin removal with a foot file(we never re use these, every client gets a fresh file), cutting and filing of the nails, buff of the nail plate, cuticle removal and tidy, relaxing foot massage with our peppermint cooling cream which will leave your feet feeling like new. All of this is finished with a polish of your choice.

60 mins


For this extra special experience you get all of the above of the standard pedicure plus a luxurious treatment of your choice. You can chose 1 from the following:

•Heated boots treatment- Prior to the foot massage, your feet are smothered in a blend of several lotions and placed into heated booties where the heat will help to penetrate the creams into your feet to make your skin extra soft. We add a calf massage to this treatment for a little bonus.

•Paraffin wax treatment- After your relaxing foot and calf massage we dip your feet into warm paraffin wax and build up a masque around your feet and place them into warm towel boots. This treatment is fantastic to stimulate blood flow helping with conditions like arthritis, diabetes and fibromyalgia.

•Cooling foot masque- This treatment is perfect for anyone suffering from excessive sweating of the glands in the feet. Our cooling masque is made up of different properties to help constrict the blood vessels in the feet to help slow down the blood flow and cooling the feet.

90 mins

*French polish and nail art are extra
*Please advise us if you have excessive hard skin/calluses. We have extra treatments such as a chiropodists blade or a callus peel that we can add in.